Zalfina Rukaida

凱達 紹鳳



16 on death






Dual Gunner




Dual Guns: Grace and Glory




Tranquility of the Wind


Deceased(3 years prior to series)


  • Zalfina has a cheerful attitude, as seen when she always smiles she is shown (except when she is shown using Valkryie during Zalfier's fight). Zalfier said that Zalfina will always smile no matter what happens, even when things look bad. However, it is said that Ardin made her cry once, and since then Zalfier held a grudge against Ardin



Losing their parents since young, Zalfina became Zalfier 's guardian. She once carried a gravely-ill Zalfier to a town in hopes of trying to cure him, but she herself collapsed due to sheer exhaustion. The mayor of the town, seeing that the two were orphans, allowed them to stay with him out of sympathy. As they grew up, Zalfina became popular with the townspeople due to her personality, and she keeps Zalfier in check when he gets into mischief. She also took care of Pulse , a fellow orphan training martial arts under the same master as Zalfier . She was living a peaceful life till she met Ardin , who has been threatening her for reasons she does not know. It was said that she cried often due to his threats, and she actually fought Ardin on the streets to deter him from harrassing her further. She was later killed while she was alone at home, it led many of the townspeople, including Zalfier and Pulse , to believe it was Ardin 's work.


  • Valkryie(Phoenix) - Zalfina is briefly shown using this when Zalfier used his. Using the power of wind, briefly leviate in the air and draw a phoenix on the ground. Once complete the wind phoenix will emerge from the drawn phoenix and attack enemies using wind-attribute attacks while supporting

    Zalfina's Estimated Stats

    nearby allies with wind support magic. This attack is only useable if there is wind blowing in the battlefield.


  • Dual Guns: Grace and Glory - Zalfina's guns which she use for battles before her death. The guns are special in a way they can be used to use every elemental bullets available, instead of only one elemental bullet per gun. The guns were given to Zalfier before she died.

Major BattlesEdit

Off-Screen: Zalfina vs Ardin (Win)


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