Ming Sorrage

兽类 名

Ming in episode 9




0.6m(Upsized to around 1.5m for youtube),18kg






None(Episodes 1-14),Demon Army(Current)






Shadow Beast



A young monsterkin travelling with the party, Ming is highly curious about the world and travel with Slash, Aurora and Zalfier hoping to learn more about it. Due to being a Monsterkin, Ming has a tail and is able to turn his hands into claws for combat. His hind legs are weak and as a result Ming cannot run on 2 feet, instead he need to run on fours to avoid losing balance. Ming is currently being controlled by the Charm Curse, cast by a devious Monsterkin named Aly. Under the Charm Curse, he murders Aurora, and Slash is made a scapegoat for what Ming had done.


Ming is very carefree and like Slash, knows little of the world. Ming is easily satisfied as seen over the series where he is easily pleased with a lolipop. However, Ming does get serious during battles and is seen to be angry whenever a friend is hurt.


  • Break Dance - Supporting himself on 1 claw, Ming performs a break dance to damage all nearby enemies
  • Disarment - Disarm the opponent by attacking the hands.

    Ming's Estimated Stats

  • Roar - A simple roar which can cause damage to opponent's ears.
  • Animal Speech - Capable of communicating with Monsters and Animals
  • GuardBreaker - An attack that attacks an enemy multiple times, used to break enemy's attempts to block.



Ming's uncontrolled Transformation

  • Ming is capable of transforming during battles. At the start of the series, Ming was unable to control his transformation which led him to be unable to control his transformed form. In Kaerbond Forest after training with Shadow, he learnt to control his transformation and is able to fight using the form. However the form saps his energy alot, as seen where he faints right after the battle with Provice in the forest.
Shadow beast

Shadow Beast Form

Shadow Beast attacks

  • Shadow Claw - A barrage of claw attacks
  • Wolf Force - Charges forward at blinding speed

Major BattlesEdit

  • Ep2 :Ming & Zalfier & Slash vs Saviour (Lose)
  • Ep 3: Ming vs Provice (Win)
  • Ep 7 - 8: Ming&Shira vs Veymoth (Lose)
  • Ep11 - 12: Ming vs Several monsters in Kaerbond Forest (Training, unknown result due to mass number)
  • Ep 12: Ming&Aurora vs Provice (Win)
  • S2 Ep ?: Ming vs Provice(Future; Unknown)


  • Ming's chinese name ( 名兽类) can either mean 'Famous Monsterkin' (if name comes before surname) or 'Monsterkin's name'(if surname comes first).
  • Ming has been upsized to around 1.5M for the youtube series just so viewers can see him clearly. In the original script he is supposed to be only 0.6m.
  • In initial concepts of DB, Ming was supposed to be a spear wielding human, and also Slash's travelling companion. This makes Ming the only one who is planned to travel with Slash initially and still stays with him in the final concept(Although no more in S2)

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