An Unknown charm many adventurers, known by the term Destiny Chasers, aim to complete. The Destiny Charm can be completed by combing 5 jewels. It's effect is still unknown.

Parts of the charmEdit


Parts of the Destiny Charm, as explained by Zalfier

A complete charm is made of 1 charm and 5 fragments, which are all based off basic elements:
  • Charm (Light) - The charm that holds the fragments. It represents light, and is shown being able to emit light in openings.
  • Fire Fragment - A Red Sphere shaped fragment said to contain the element of fire. One of these is given to Slash by Shira.
  • Water Fragment - A Blue Octagonal fragment said to contain the element of water. It was seen in S2 Ep 6 after Slash's sword got destroyed by Veymoth.
  • Earth Fragment - A Yellow Diamond shaped fragment said to contain the element of Earth
  • Air Fragment - A green fragment said to contain the element of Air
  • Darkness Fragment - A black diamond shaped fragment said to contain the element of darkness. One is dropped by Saviour, which is later picked up by Slash.


  • Slash seems to be collecting the charm and its fragments, and at the same time, the Resistance seems to be doing the same.
  • Although related to elements, it is unknown if they will be of any effect on the elements used by the user.
  • It is unknown if a fragment can be taken out after it has been absorbed by the charm. Although Veymoth is seen to have Hiro's charm(With four fragments) and a Fire fragment, it could be a different fragment from what Hiro put in the charm.
  • In Demonic Blade II Episode 4, Zalfier gets an old man's dairy which contains the information of the effect upon completeing the Destiny Charm. However, it has not been mentioned by anyone.

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